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BLM’S Brand of Peace Deserves No Prize!

Dr. Katherine Kuhlman is a police and clinical psychologist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has spent her career helping law enforcement and other first responders throughout their careers, including debriefings following officer-involved shootings, suicides, and mass casualty incidents. She is a national speaker on officer wellness and trauma. Dr. Kuhlman an expert in the field of behavioral threat assessment and targeted violence. She serves as an Executive Board Member for the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence.

the nobel prize

 By Dr. Katherine Kuhlman, Monday, February 01, 2021 

The collective damage of BLM’s actions in 2020, in fact, is the opposite of peace.

Their actions have done more to divide the country, rather than unify or bring about harmony.

There is nothing peaceful about cities burning, over 700 police officers being injured during riots, weeks of mandatory curfews causing millions of dollars in loss of revenue, vandalism and looting that caused billions of dollars in property damage, and the defacement and tearing down of historical monuments.

Many lived in fear, resulting in an increase in firearm purchases and applications for weapons permits, and ammunition shortages. Remember footage of diners trying to enjoy a nice meal being confronted and spit on when they refused to hold up their fists in solidarity with BLM? While BLM was quick to say that their protests were “mostly peaceful,” their failure to admonish those that became violent served as validation.

How could an organization that supported and encouraged this behavior, which resulted in widespread fear, even be considered for the honor of a Nobel Peace Prize?

Even more, this nomination is a slap in the face to the millions of frontline workers who put their lives on the line to support the country and care for the sick during a global pandemic. This is especially a knife-to-the-chest for law enforcement and their families. Officers had no choice but to continue to work and put their own lives in harm’s way throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, posing a risk to their family members.

Adding to that, they then had to manage violence and aggression day-in and day-out while working riots. Imagine the poise and self-control necessary to stand ground and not react when being hurled with insults, threats and objects. Imagine being outnumbered by protesters and rioters, having your vehicle set on fire and watching your brothers and sisters sustain horrific injuries.

Imagine the spouses and children, waiting at home or watching the news, not sure if they will get a call to head to the hospital. Imagine children, whose schoolmates are referring to their parents as murderers.

Imagine being an officer of color, being crucified by old friends or family members for your life’s calling.

They were vilified by politicians and the media. Yet, they continued to go to work, uphold their oath, and serve and protect everyone, even those who hate them and wish harm upon them.

It’s no surprise then, that there have been a record number of retirements and resignations in some departments, a steady increase in officer suicides over the years, and difficulty with recruitment.

BLM’s actions have found their way to divide, rather than unify, relations between communities and their law enforcement agencies.

While we can all agree that the notion that Black lives matter is true, it is difficult to fathom how Black Lives Matter, the movement, could be worthy of the distinction of a Nobel Peace Prize. Many of their actions, rather, have been hostile and warring, resulting in damage, injury, and divisiveness.

Instead, a more deserving group would be peace officers, most of which put their emotions and biases aside to do the right thing — protect citizens and encourage peace. Isn’t this precisely what the Nobel Peace Prize is for?

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Katherine Kuhlman. 99.99% of our peace officers and military personnel are definitely far more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than any other person or group I can think of these days!

See you next week for more Wisdom Matters!

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